A downloadable game for Windows

This game was developed for the CGA Jam: https://itch.io/jam/cga-jam

It's only the second game I've ever created. I'm still very much a beginner so excuse any bugs I might have missed.

All assets have been created by me (except for the lazer sound). Created in Game Maker.

Any critique or advice is welcome and is, in fact, encouraged!


In the year 2033 humanity discovered "Cavorite", a strange yet remarkable element found on deep space asteroids that can be harnessed to take control of gravitational fields.

Due to its abundance of potential real-world applications and almost inexhaustible nature, by the year 2042 it had replaced both electricity and gasoline as sources of energy.

But supplies eventually became depleted, forcing daring expeditions into space in search of the vital but illusive material.


Shoot/Mine as much Cavorite as you can while avoiding asteriods. High Score (amount of Cavorite collected) can be seen in top left-hand corner. Crashing into asteroids will cause you to lose some of the collected Cavorite.


Arrow Keys - Player Movement

D - Shoot lazer (used to mine Cavorite deposits)

S - Gravity Pulse (use to slow down Asteroids, not Cavorite though).


Astropunk.zip 3 MB

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